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Private Locating For Homeowner In Tucson, ArizonaPrivate Locating For Homeowner
- Tucson, Arizona

GPRS of Arizona was contacted by a homeowner to provide private utility locating service. The homeowner was installing new landscaping and was concerned about potential utilities while digging to plant and install irrigation lines.

GPRS Arizona used GPR or ground penetrating radar to completely scan the area. GPR is a great application for locating underground utilities. A utility wand and transmitter were also used to locate live power and communication lines. Exposed pipes can be located by sending a signal through the pipe using the transmitter. The transmitter sends a signal which can be received by the wand and allows accurate detection of the pipe.

To schedule private locating, please contact Brad Goforth at 520-444-7471. Other services include concrete x-ray in Tucson and underground storage and void detection in Yuma. GPRS has local offices in Salt Lake City and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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