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Reinforcing Locate – Phoenix, AZ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New Mexico assisted on several projects in the Arizona area. GPRS of Albuquerque was contracted to locate the reinforcing steel in the concrete at a retirement home prior to core drilling. The technician on site was able to precisely map all the reinforcing in the area of concern on the surface of the slab. This service allows for the core driller to drill without damaging the reinforcing steel. This ensures that the structural integrity of the building will last for years without issue.

Reinforcing Locate in Phoenix

Concrete sonar is a nondestructive method of locating reinforcing steel that provides instant results! This service eliminates having to wait for film to be developed as you would with traditional x-ray; and because the concrete radar does not emit any radiation you can scan in active buildings without hazard. Each technician employed by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. undergoes several months of training and certification before being deployed in the field. This ensures that our customers always receive the highest quality of accuracy and professionalism. To learn more about Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque and what we can do for you contact your local representative at 505.250.6742 or GPRS of Albuquerque can perform this type of survey anywhere in New Mexico especially: Roswell, Taos and Los Alamos.



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