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Utility Scanning

Utility detection is a two-step process, employing both Radio Detection and GPR. Our goal is to identify the type and location of these utilities in order to prevent damage to them and the surrounding environment as well as protect your workers on the job site. 

To provide the most comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your job site, our ground-based services should be used in conjunction with your state’s one-call utility detection agency as well as any other utility data in your possession.  GPRS is proud of our commitment to safety, and we encourage our clients to obtain as much information as possible about project areas in order to ensure a secure and responsible work environment. 

For more information on private utility locating, please contact your local GPRS representative today.

GPRS Offers the Latest in GPS Technology

GPRS can provide global positioning system (GPS) technology for use on your locating projects, such as the detection of underground utility layouts. In conjunction with our GPR technology, we can use a hand-held GPS device to create a comprehensive map of your job site that then can be overlaid onto CAD documents and / or Google Earth maps. We can give you a permanent record of the physical reference points of your project area’s utility layout.


Video: Private Utility Locating in Under 1 Minute

Video: Safety: Always On Our Radar

Resulting Damage from Private Utilities Not Being Located

underground utility locator ground penetrating radar cost
ground penetrating radar price gpr services
will locate public utilities
which include -

-Water Force Mains and some service lines
(typically only on public property like streets and right-of-ways, easements, etc)

-Primary Electric

(phone, data, Cable TV, Fiber)

-Gas Mains and service lines
(only if metallic pipe or tracer wire is used)

-Main Storm and Sanitary Sewer (typically only on public property like streets and right-of-ways, easements, etc.)

will locate utilities all public utilities
and private including:

-Water service lines
(plastic or metal)

-Secondary electric
(site lighting, signage, 480 volt/220/110 conduits)

(phone data, cable TV, fiber)

-Gas lines
(plastic or metal)

-Sewer lines
(include septic tanks, leach fields,field tile pipe, etc.)

-Misc. utility lines such as oxygen, steam, chilled water lines, nitrogen and other chemical transport type utilities.

Additional Information

How do utility locating services work?

GPRS uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its accurate utility detection services. The goal of GPRS's utility locating services is to identify the location of the utilities in order to prevent damage to them as well as the surrounding property.

When is the best time to contact a utility locating service?
Contact a private utility locating service before you dig! If you need line locating services or water pipe locating services, call GPRS. For many projects, knowing locations of utility lines or water pipes, is crucial at the beginning of the project for the early planning stages, in order to assist with appropriate placements of structures, supports, foundations, or landscaping. A residential utility locator service, such as GPRS, can help project planners from the pre-planning stages to the later building stages. Additionally, utility detection services help to keep both workers and homeowners safe. GPRS can locate gas lines, pipelines, communications lines, electric lines, water, lines, sewer lines, and voids.

If you need a utility locating service, contact GPRS today. We are a utility detection company that puts its customers and their needs first by offering them the best in utility locating services. We provide high quality customer service as well as accurate results. Call GPRS today for your utility locating needs.

Why a private utility locating service?
By law, you must locate utilities before beginning any sort of excavation project. Before doing any digging, everybody needs to call their respective 811 State One-Call. However, this free service only covers underground public utilities from the street to service meter and does not cover private utilities. For residential customers, private utilities may include gas lines for a heated pool, electric lines for a shed, garage, or barn, and certain sewers. For commercial customers, private utilities may include parking lot lighting, fire mains, and building-to-building utilities.

To ensure location of private utilities, customers need to contact a private utility locating company such as GPRS. To provide the most comprehensive data of existing sub-surface utilities on your job site, our ground-based utility detecting services should be used in conjunction with your state's one-call utility detection agency as well as any other utility data in your possession.

With the accurate utility locating that GPRS provides, you can avoid damage to existing services. Utility locating services such as GPRS will locate the underground utility lines, thereby preventing damage, disruptions, and potential fines and other costs. There are a number of problems that can occur when a person begins to dig, and these can include gas line explosions, fires or electrocution from power lines, and water line bursts. Not only can these be costly, but they are also dangerous for property owners and workers. A private utility locating service such as GPRS can locate each utility.


Additional information about our Ground Penetrating Radar Services can be found here.

Before you begin your construction or digging project, please contact your local GPRS sales representative.

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