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Utility Locating In Peach Springs, ArizonaUtility Locating For Contractor
- Peach Springs, Arizona

GPRS of Arizona recently completed a private utility locate in Peach Springs, Arizona. The contractor was interested in locating utilities around proposed soil borings to investigate for soil contamination.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Arizona office mobilized to the site. While on site, GPRS used 2 different methods to locate the utilities. The first method was ground penetrating radar or “GPR” to scan around each location in a grid pattern to ensure complete coverage of the area. A utility wand, RD700 radio detection was also used to check for live power and communication lines. The device can also be used to “tone” onto exposed piping to trace the subsurface direction of the utility. The utilities are then marked with spray paint and flagged.

Please contact Brad Goforth, Regional Manager at 480-227-8614 to schedule service. We also offer concrete xray services in Kingman, and rebar locating in Flagstaff. GPRS has offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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