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Scanning Rooftop For Rebar And Conduits
- Mesa, Arizona

GPRS of Arizona was contacted by WJ Maloney Plumbing to scan on a rooftop at the City of Mesa Municipal Building. New drainage was being installed and the customer needed to have the rebar and conduits mapped before core drilling for the drains.

Scanning Rooftop For Rebar And Conduits

GPRS of Arizona scanned the concrete slab after the top layer of roofing material had been removed, allowing direct contact to the concrete. GPR technology is a great application for locating reinforcing steel and conduits in concrete. Ground penetrating radar is also safe emitting no radiation and poses no health hazards. The accuracy of GPR is +/- ¼” to the center of the anomaly located. The inspection is completed in real time which allows the customer to drill immediately after and helps to keep construction schedules on time.

If you would like to schedule service, please contact Brad Goforth, Regional Manager at 480-227-8614. You can also email him at . GPRS of Arizona provides concrete X-ray in Phoenix, AZ and conduit locating in Scottsdale, AZ. GPRS also services cities in Salt Lake City and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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