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Rebar Locating At Chandler Regional Mall - Chandler, AZ

Rebar Locating And Mapping At Chandler Regional Mall In Chandler, Arizona  Rebar Locating And Mapping At Chandler Regional Mall In Chandler, Arizona xray x-ray x ray locate rebar

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Arizona office was contacted to scan multiple locations in a Pan Deck concrete slab at Chandler Fashion Center Mall in Chandler, Arizona. Lakeview Construction was core drilling to install electric lines for a new retail store front.

GPRS used 1600MHz ground penetrating radar to locate all rebar and conduits using concrete imaging. Utilizing GPR reduces risk and cost, promotes a safe work environment and provides non-destructive testing without delivering any radiation.

GPRS offers concrete scanning throughout the Phoenix metro area. Please contact Brad Goforth at 480-227-8614 to learn more utility locating and non-destructive testing in Chandler. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has local offices in Durango, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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