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Private Locating Of Utilities In Kaibab, ArizonaPrivate Locating Of Utilities - Kaibab, Arizona

GPRS of Arizona provided a utility locate on private property in Kaibab, Arizona. The contractor was hired to complete environmental soil borings in an area which had soil staining. The location was on a remote Indian reservation land in Northern Arizona approximately 10 miles from the Utah border.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Arizona office was able to scan the 100’ x 55’ area using technology provided by GSSI and Radio Detection. The ground penetrating radar sends electromagnetic pulses into the ground and the results are displayed in real time. This allows the findings to be marked quickly and accurately on the ground. A utility wand is also used to locate buried utilities. The private utility locator can locate live power, communication, gas, water and fiber optic lines. GPRS also offers GPS services along with EMI-Electromagnetic Induction.

Please contact Brad Goforth, Regional Manager at 480-227-8614 to request additional information. GPRS offers concrete imaging services in Phoenix, and rebar locating in Chandler. GPRS has offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Kansas City.

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