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Locating Of Private Utilities - Buckeye, Arizona

Locating Of Private Utilities - Buckeye, Arizona

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc was contacted by a contractor to locate utilities on a dairy operation in Buckeye, Arizona. New equipment was being installed which required the contractor to trench to run conduit lines to the equipment. By locating utility lines on site, the customer could trench without damaging existing utility lines.

GPRS of Phoenix used technology called ground penetrating radar was used to scan the trench area. Additionally, a utility locating wand was used to locate utilities such as power, communication, gas, water and sewer lines. Radar sends electro-magnetic pulses into the ground which are interpreted on a computer screen. The application is quick and reliable and helps to keep construction schedules on time.

To schedule private locating, please contact Brad Goforth at 480-227-8614. Other services include concrete imaging in Phoenix. GPRS has local offices in Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City.

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