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GPR Scanning At Car Dealership In Tucson, Arizona

GPRS Tucson office was contacted by AEI Consultants to scan a car dealership in Tucson, AZ. The purpose of the inspection was to clear soil boring locations in and to locate any underground storage tanks still present underground.

GPR Scanning At Car Dealership In Tucson, Arizona

GPRS Tucson used 400MHz ground penetrating radar and an RD7000 Radio Detection unit to scan each boring location for utilities or other anomalies prior to drilling. GPR and Electromagnetic induction were used to scan for underground storage tanks also known as USTs. Spray paint was used to mark the findings on the surface and also communicated to the customer.

Please contact Brad Goforth at 520-444-7471 by phone or email him at for more information on utility locating, concrete x-ray and geophysical inspections. GPRS offers Nationwide service

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