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Concrete Imaging for Plumbing Contractor
- Scottsdale, Arizona

A plumbing contractor called GPRS to scan a location on the 3rd floor prior to core drilling. The building had post tension cables and the contractor did not want to damage any cables while drilling. GPRS was able to meet the customer on site and scan the area quickly allowing the driller to begin drilling immediately after the service.

Concrete Imaging for Plumbing Contractor in Scottsdale, ArizonaGPRS of Arizona offers the latest technology in ground penetrating radar. The concrete antenna will scan through concrete up to 18” thick. The unit allows for the detection of rebar, post tension cables and conduits in the concrete. GPR does not emit harmful radiation or any other health hazards. All findings are marked in real time on the surface making GPR the quickest and safest way to inspect the concrete.

Please call Brad Goforth, Regional Manager at 480-227-8614 for more information. You can also email him at . We offer concrete imaging in Tempe, utility locating in Scottsdale and UST and void detection in Surprise.

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