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Locating Rebar and Post-Tension cables with
Rain Forest Plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems recently completed a project for Rain Forest Plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona. Rain Forest Plumbing needed to core several holes in a post tension slab.  Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was quickly able to locate the post tension cables within the area, and clearly mark them on the slab.  Additionally, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to locate several electrical conduits that were in the vicinity of the
concrete cores. 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is ideal for locating rebar & post-tension cables prior to saw cutting and/or core drilling, mapping of electrical conduits, detection of near-surface voids and utilities, and detection of underground storage tanks.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems provides GPR services throughout Arizona, including the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas. 

Brad Goforth directs Ground Penetrating Radar System’s operations in Arizona, and can be reached at 480-227-8614 or


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