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Arizona Concrete Scanning Photo Gallery

Concrete Walls Scanned with GPR to Locate Rebar in Phoenix, Arizona

Concrete imaging with Ground Penetrating Radar to locate rebar in Phoenix, Arizona

Rebar Locating of Wall in Phoenix Arizona

Rebar scanning of a wall in Phoenix, Arizona

GPRS of Arizona Scans at Sun Devil Stadium Prior to Core Drilling Saw Cutting in Tempe Arizona

Ground Penetrating Radar Services of Arizona scans at Sun Devil Stadium prior to core drilling and saw cutting in Tempe, Arizona

Concrete Scanning for DK Realtec to Locate PT cables in Phoenix, Arizona

Concrete imaging for DK Realtec to locate PT cables in Phoenix, Arizona

Locating Reinforcing Steel in Concrete Brick Wall in Phoenix, Arizona

Locating reinforcing steel in a concrete wall in Phoenix, Arizona

Scanning Office Floor with GPR Technology In Scottsdale, Arizona

Concrete imaging of an office floor with Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

Rebar Locating and Mapping at Chandler Regional Mall in Chandler, Arizona

Rebar locating and mapping at Chanlder Regional Mall in Chandler, Arizona

Location of Post Tension Cable in Concrete

Location of post tension cable in concrete

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