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Water Treatment Plant Utility Locate – Phoenix, AZ

Private Utilities Located – Phoenix, AZ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. work on water treatment plants all over the country, they are one of many critical facilities where we are called to visit regularly. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque recently visited a water treatment plant in Phoenix, Arizona to locate any utilities prior to the installation of solar panels. The technician on site was able to locate and map the utilities on site and give a precise depth to those locates. The information provided by the technician will allow for the safe installation of solar panels without the danger of severing a utility and shutting the water treatment plant down.

Geophysical imaging is a valued service because it provides instant results to any concerns that you may have regarding what lies below the surface. The cutting edge technology the GPRS Inc. uses allows for extreme accuracy when locating utilities and other items that may be buried in your construction site. A variety of safety minded companies are using GPRS of Albuquerque to locate dangers in the soil and concrete before they begin construction to avoid problems and delays during the construction process. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque can service any area in New Mexico like Gallup, Las Cruces, Clovis and Taos. To learn more about GPR and our services contact your local representative at or 505.250.6742.

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