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GPR Technology Locates Rebar, Conduits and
Post Tension Cables in Phoenix, Arizona

GPRS - of Arizona was contacted by TS Inc. to locate rebar, locate conduits, and post tension cables prior to drilling into a concrete, post tension slab at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Our GPR technology is a great tool for locating rebar, conduits, and post tension cables. GSSI GPR equipment was used to locate the post tension cables as well as electrical conduits in the area that was to be drilled. Using our GPR equipment is very efficient; the data is able to be marked directly on the surface with no wait time for processing or developing. Ground Penetrating Radar is a great tool to clear areas of utilities and conduits prior to core drilling or saw cutting. The concrete imaging process (concrete scanning) is entirely non destructive and free of radiation or health hazards.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) is often contacted to scan concrete prior to saw cutting and core drilling. Our GPR equipment is also a great tool for locating underground utilities, locating voids, as well as locating underground storage tanks. The GPR equipment can help you “see below” the surface to locate these items. Additionally, GPRS can map out the utilities located utilizing either CAD or our GPS capabilities.

Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems - Arizona - GPRS to learn how we can assist with your projects. To locate rebar, post tension cables, conduits, pipes or utilities in concrete (concrete scanning) please contact us today. GPRS of Arizona has completed GPR projects throughout the entire state of Arizona including cities like Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tucson, Nogales, Flagstaff, as well as Phoenix. Please contact Brad Goforth at 480-227-8614 or to learn more about ground penetrating radar (concrete scanning) and how GPRS can assist in your projects.


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